Privacy Policy

Last modified 11/25/2020

The “Space Patrol Co-op Adventure” game is owned by Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, registered under unified identification code 205724187, having its registered office at 5 Varbitsa Str., fl.1, app.2, Sofia, 1504, Bulgaria and developed and operated by KVABA Ltd., registered under unified identification code 203636977, having its registered office at 6, Feliks Kanitz Str., app. 14, Sofia, 1606, Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as "KVABA", "we", "us")
This privacy policy describes the processing of information provided or collected on the sites and applications where this privacy policy is posted whether on our digital properties or on applications, we make available on third-party sites. In some cases, we may provide additional data privacy notices or ask for consent and authorisation specific to certain applications, or regions.
This privacy policy also aims to demonstrate KVABA's commitment to privacy and data protection when distributing and operating the Space Patrol Co-op Adventure game. By downloading Space Patrol Co-op Adventure, we assume that you have read, understood, and consented to the information handling practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you have any doubts, you can write to us or ask your parent/guardian.


  • "Non-personal data" – any information that is not capable alone or in combination with other data to lead directly or indirectly to identification of a natural person.
  • "Personal data" – any information allowing a natural person to be identified directly or indirectly.
  • "the Game" – Space Patrol Co-op Adventure game that we provide to you.
  • "you" – the parent/guardian who downloads the Game and/or permits their children to download and use Game and any other applications on any devices.
  • "player" – children under 13 only who download, play or otherwise use Space Patrol Co-op Adventure with the consent and oversight of a parent/guardian.

About Space Patrol Co-op Adventure

Space Patrol Co-op Adventure is a free game aimed at developing critical thinking, teamwork, and curiosity among children. The Game was created by KVABA with the funding and assignment of the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, Bulgaria, which aims to assess the psychological development of children in the course of perception of information. We developed the Game for Android and iOS and distribute it free of charge through Google Play and App Store.

Personal and Non-personal data

Generally, games released as mobile apps may process two sets of data - Personal data and Non-personal data.

We do not knowingly collect or process any Personal data when providing Space Patrol Co-op Adventure to players. To access the Game, players need only to join with a nickname. We strongly recommend all players to refrain from including any personal data elements when providing us with their nickname – players of Space Patrol Co-op Adventure are not required to provide any kind of Personal data, such as email names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

We do not track player’s behaviour via cookies or any other similar technologies for advertising purposes and no third parties will attach cookies to player’s devices that collect or process Personal data when playing Space Patrol Co-op Adventure. Automated decision-making processes or profiling will not be initiated towards players.

When playing Space Patrol Co-op Adventure some Non-personal data may be generated. For example, we may collect and process players' gameplay (e.g. anonymised and/or aggregated information for level reached, tasks solved, players' performance in the Game, frequency and time spent playing the Game), player retention, performance errors and problems of the Game, as well as stability, crashes, functioning, etc.), and other predefined events and behaviour relating thereto. Although there may be other information we collect, it will be Non-personal data and, in any case, it will not be sufficient for identification of players.

We process this Non-personal data to create statistics for our Game's performance, to analyse the functioning of the Game and continuously improve its features. Furthermore, on behalf of the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, we process Non-personal data generated by players' gameplay in order to create anonymised statistics for assessment of the psychological development of children in the perception of information, such as how many players joined the Game, for how long they play, etc.

Children’s Data

KVABA is committed to protecting the privacy of children who use our applications. Space Patrol Co-op Adventure is intended to be used by children under 13 only with the consent and oversight of a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians need to download the Game and/or permit their children to download and use it after reading this Privacy Policy. No Children's Personal data will be processed while using Space Patrol Co-op Adventure. Only Non-personal data may be processed as explained in this Policy. Please contact us at if you believe we have inadvertently collected Personal data from a child under 13 without consent from a parent or guardian so that we may delete the information as soon as possible.

We believe that it’s our joint responsibility with you to protect children’s privacy, therefore parents and guardians should also control the use of any devices by children and downloading any content to devices used by children. We encourage you to review all applicable terms and conditions, including privacy policies prior to downloading any games or applications and allowing your children to use them.

Sharing Data

KVABA will share only statistical Non-personal data with the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation and individuals, engaged by the foundation for the purposes of assessing the psychological development of children in the course of perception of information. No other recipients shall be provided with data generated by players while playing the Game. We may also share statistical Non-personal data with third parties, such as PlayFab, Photon Engine and Google Firebase for the purposes of performance of the Game and to improve the player’s experience. We encourage you to review their terms and conditions, as well as privacy policies for your better understanding on how they process any data.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using Space Patrol Co-op Adventure, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at