A Two Player Adventure

you and your mate share the control of a single spaceship

Space Patrol is a mobile multiplayer game focused on cooperative teamplay. Two players get to control a single spaceship, fight some evil robots and free the universe from tons of space thrash.

THE PILOT controls the movement of the ship - steering, propelling and avoiding obstacles.

THE SWEEPER controls the vacuum gun - clearing thrash, collecting debris, picking up objects and throwing them against enemies.

The two players can combine their skills and perform a variety of combo actions.

The Good Guys

the good guys

The Bad Guy

the bad guy

The Minions

the minions


the two of you against the hostile universe

A set of PvE adventure levels where your team will need to save worlds in trouble, clear the way from space thrash and beat the bad guys. Explore different planets. Solve some clever puzzles. Beat up some evil robots. And don't forget to throw the trash. You will collect space debris throughout the levels, recycle it and use it to upgrade your ship and your vacuum gun.

Arena Worlds

your team against another team on the arena

Face another team on the arena and match their skills in various PvP modes. Collect bonus points for further ships upgrades. The arena levels include fast and furious battles such as:
- Interstellar Soccer
- Hold The Ground
- Fast and Curious